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Create value from home

Your dreams matter. Employ your imagination and get your business online. Kokono offers all you need to grow as a creative entrepreneur online.

Take online business steps with joy

Remember what matters to you. Now, take online business steps with Kokono guidance. Expect to discover a curious creator inside you! Get a professional website that does sales for you. Oh, and web lessons that empower you to make ideas come true!

Communication Mini Course at Kokono
Creativity Mentoring 1:1

Reveal a curious creator from within with 6 months experimentation mentoring.

Website Training for Business over a video call
Digital Training 1:1
Gain practical skills through screen-share calls with your friendly web developer over 30 minutes.
Ecommerce Websites from Kokono
Ecommerce Services

Get your products online with professional web design and eCommerce services.

Creativity Mentoring 1:1

Breed ideas

You are able for more than you think you do! Reveal your creativity step-by-step with personal mentoring sessions over six months when you will adopt the habits of experimentation and get to hangout with your true self.
Digital Training 1:1

Make ideas spread

Remember your business purpose and employ technology to tell your story online. Design and marketing tools available on the Internet are waiting for you!
Website for Your Business

Reach people online

You have products and services that people need. Now, showcase your offers on your website or an online store and reach your customers no matter where they are.

Let's be friends in business

When you think you’re breaking the Internet, call me.

Space for your ideas

"Kokono" means "heart" and "you". Kokono aims to be a dedicated space for breeding ideas, playing with uncertainty and having fun when creating value for people. Welcome!
Imaginator @ KOKONO

Making friends with creativity

Working from Home Multitasking Tips

Cheeky Hacks for Working from Home

Working from home is a nightmare, let’s admit it. At least for the first few months! But now, when cocooning is becoming a social norm, you may need to get smart on how to get used to remote work. I invite you

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