Social Media Marketing Training


Social media marketing training for business owners is a 30 minutes video screen-share call with a friendly digital marketing manager. During a call, a business owner asks questions on how to use various tools for social media. A marketer then shares their screen and gives a walk-through for a business on how to create memorable graphics and texts for social media, how to schedule posts once a week and how to respond to comments in a friendly manner.

How: Video call on Zoom with a screen shared
Tools: Canva, Google Docs, Later, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, other (depending on the client questions)
Follow Up: Video call can be recorded and sent to the client


Popular questions covered during social media marketing training:

  • Social Media. Do I need to be on all social media networks – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest?
  • Topics. How to talk about my business online?
  • Graphics. How to create professional graphics fast?
  • Themes. How to structure my posts into weekly themes that make sense and are interesting to follow?
  • Photos. Where do I get photos that I can use for social media?
  • Style. How to sound more human online?
  • Words. How to start and respond to conversations?
  • Robots. How to schedule my posts in advance? I have seen other business posting automatically…
How many lessons?

30 minutes, 3 months weekly

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