Website Training for Business


Website training for business owners is a 30 minutes video screen-share call with a friendly web developer. During a call, a business owner asks questions about how to update their WordPress website. A web developer then shares their screen and gives a walk-through for a business on how to update a website in steps.

How: Video call on Zoom with a screen shared
Tools: WordPress, other (depending on the client questions)
Follow Up: Video call can be recorded and sent to the client


Popular questions covered during website training

  • Products. How to update my products with prices, descriptions, photos?
  • Text and Photos. How to update text or photos on my website?
  • Menus. How to showcase items underneath main menu?
  • Blogging. How to publish and edit blogs?
  • SEO. How to make sure my site is SEO-friendly?
  • Shop. How can I integrate an online shop to my website?
  • Shipping. How can I set up shipping in my online shop?
  • Stock. How to manage stock on my online store?
  • Payments. How to charge customers through my online shop?
  • Hosting. Which hosting do I need for my e-commerce website?
  • Analytics. How can I see numbers on website visits?
How many lessons?

30 minutes, 3 months weekly

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