Work from Home Training


Work from Home training helps to transition to working outside your office. You will learn to organise your documents, manage projects, collaborate online and use your time efficiently.

Time: 90 minutes
How: Video call on Zoom with a screen shared
Tools: Google Drive, Google Docs, Trello, Toggl
Follow Up: Video call can be recorded and sent to the client

Work from Home workshop is designed to help you transition from working from the office to working from home.
After 90 minutes of learning with your workshop facilitator, you will:

  • Have a virtual workspace where your work documents will be stored (Google Drive).
  • Create a text document that can be edited virtually with your team (Google Docs).
  • Manage your work milestones and tasks on a visual project planner together with a team or on your own (Trello).
  • Keep track of your time you spend doing your work from home (Toggl).
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