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When YouTube is not enough. Learn from a real human. Join a feedback call. Diverse group of learners and experts are here for you!

Why join ?

Speed up your exploration of interests and make a leap in your projects.

Learning on your own feels slow...

Learning together gives you wings

  • know-how
  • ideas
  • partners

How does it work?

Connect with diverse learners over phone or video screen-share calls. Showcase your project and get feedback.

Communication Mini Course at Kokono

Feedback For Your Project

30 mins with a group or expert

Overcome your project challenges. Feedback from a community or an expert is waiting for you!

Productivity Mini Course at Kokono

Skills Swap

60 mins to teach and learn

Learn the skills you need! Help others with their projects. Give skills. Teach what you know to a fellow human.

Join a Free Call

Get feedback on your project right away. Register for a free feedback call with a creative communicator.
Imaginator @ KOKONO

So, what are you working on?

Explore popular topics.

Web Design for Business

Web Design

  • How do make with WordPress and SiteGround?
Ecommerce Websites from Kokono


  • How to make with Woocommerce and Stripe?
Business Blog Planning at Kokono

Social Media

  • How to make with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn?
Website Training for Business over a video call


  • How to write well?
Social Media marketing training at Kokono


  • What do people remember?
Work from Home Guide Kokono transparent

Sales Pitch

  • Do people say WOW?
Goal Setting mini course at Kokono

Business Idea

  • How clear is the value?
Web Design Design Course from Kokono


  • How clear is your message?
Communication Mini Course at Kokono


  • Are members having a great time?

Creative Writing

  • What do people remember?

Handmade Design

  • How does it function?

Art: Song, Dance, etc

  • What do people feel?

Research Theory

  • Is the reasoning clear?

Time Management

  • How to improve habits?

Your Project Topic

  • Feedback you need...

Who will help you?

Join a growing community of people who share the love for learning, creative projects and skills exchange.



Creative communicator with a passion for words. 

  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Advertising
Work from Home Guide Kokono transparent



Creative garden designer with a passion for lights & sounds.

  • Tree Planting
  • Grow Your Own Food
  • Ponds and Fountains
Work from Home Guide Kokono transparent



Maker with a passion for experiments on the Internet.

  • Prototyping
  • Open Source
  • Web Development



Film maker with a passion for connecting people.

  • Photography
  • Video Making
  • Storytelling


Your Gift


Your Gift

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register for a Skills Swap call
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